I did something a couple of weeks ago that I haven't done in years.  I bought a new gun from Gander Mountain.  It was always hard to find a good price on a new firearm there, unless there was some screaming hot manufacturer rebate.  I've also never been offered a fair price when trading in.  Those reasons and my attempts to buy local as much as possible have kept me away.  They are closing down the Duluth store and keep advertising their closing deals on street corners so I finally decided to stop in.

Ghost Ring Sights -Joe Danger

I have wanted a home defense shotgun for quite some time, and on the shelf and amazingly priced for what a guy could buy it online for, was a Mossberg 500 Tactical.  I had been eyeballing the 590 Special Purpose but this was close enough, especially at the price they were offering it for.  Only $299 and it had the ghost ring sights too, which having learned to shoot on a .22 rifle with peep sights, I was sold pretty quickly.

Buckshot they also had a deal on. -Joe Danger

Fast forward a couple of weeks to this last weekend and I took it out to punch some buckshot through it.  I've owned several Mossberg shotguns and though the actions might not be as smooth as a Remington, they do what they are supposed to and are workhorses.  I was very pleased, it didn't skip a beat.  Even at longer distances it was pretty accurate.  I switched over to some birdshot and I hit clay pigeons with it better than my Mossberg Silver Reserve over/under.  It's got to be the ghost ring sights.  On the list is getting a shorter stock and eventually a tactical light, since my purchase intent was for home defense.  Zero buyers remorse on this shotgun, can't wait to get out and shoot it some more.  What do you use for home defense?