The U.S. Census Bureau is going to phase in a restart for the field operations in selected areas because people are not filling out their questionnaires.

People will not be going door to door to collect information just yet, but they will be dropping off packets to people according to health standards set forth for social interaction.

Census materials were mailed out in early March and then suspended in mid-march and everything has been done by mail or email. So now the U.S. Census Bureau will resume collecting data.

All updates are available at The US Census will then update that site daily (if needed) for all operations moving forward. According to the site, public safety is of utmost importance. They go on to say that any staff that was hired will have to go through safety training in order to understand how to do their job and follow social distancing rules set for COVID-19 behavior. They have even gone as far as to order Personal Protective Equipment for all field staff and office staff.

So, according to the operations, US Census workers will resume dropping off packets to households starting this week that do not get direct mail at home in order to reach everyone. The Bureau says if you do get a Census Packet to please fill it out. You don't have to send it in, you can use the number in the packet to be counted online too.


According to the website, if you haven't received a packet in the mail look for one at your doorstep soon. You can always fill one out online. 


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