Well, that's one way to celebrate graduation.

A now-viral photo is making its way around the internet. Why? Because it shows a recent graduate taking to the waters of Lake Superior with his graduation cap and gown.

Wow! That looks...cold.

The photo was first posted on Facebook Sunday afternoon, along with the caption 'UMD graduate celebrating commencement in style!' You can say that again.

The paddler was identified in the comment section and according to the male in question, it wasn't his first rodeo. He had previously paddle boarded around the entirety of Lake Superior.

You can clearly make out a wet suit underneath the graduation cap and gown. It's not known whether or not the paddle boarder wore it underneath his outfit when he was walking across stage and getting his diploma.

Some people weren't too happy with the photo, saying it was dangerous for anyone to be paddling Lake Superior alone and without a visible life jacket. Others thought it was awesome, voicing their awe over the photo.

Either way, you have to admit it is a creative way to celebrate. Congratulations to all the graduates!

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