Tom Isbell is a Professor of Theatre at UMD, has acted in movies like 'True Lies' and 'The Abyss' and now he's just published the second book in his 'Prey' trilogy.

'The Capture' is classified as a young adult novel and has been described as a mix of 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Maze Runner,' both of which are massive hits with both the teen crowd and an adult audience.

According to the publisher, "this second book in the Prey series is a suspenseful story of courage, survival, and doing what's right, no matter how hard. Orphaned teens, soon to be hunted for sport, must fight for a better life. Riveting action, intense romance, and gripping emotion make this fast-paced adventure a standout."

The first book in the series, 'The Prey,' was released a year ago at this time and has a 4-star review on Amazon currently and is the next book on my reading list. Have you read a local author lately? If not, maybe consider adding this book to your own list.

Tom will be doing an appearance and book signing at the Barnes &  Noble store at the Miller Hill Mall on Friday, January 29 at 6 pm.

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