Despite everything happening with the COVID-19 Pandemic, life still needs to go on.  Some high school students who are graduating this year are now planning to take a year off from school and will start college the following year.  For those that are pushing forward though, they still may be exploring college options.

Colleges are still going to be open for the fall semester.  It may be formatted differently however.  Many schools are still in the planning stages of things, tossing around ideas of all online, all in the brick and mortar classic setting, or some sort of hybrid mix of both.  If you or your family members are looking at schools, UWS has setup  a nice option to tour the college virtually.

They still have you schedule an appointment for your virtual visit and via that you can meet your admissions counselor.  You'll also have the opportunity to virtually meet other faculty to help you make your decision on courses.  While I haven't personally gone through the process myself, I know several people who have, they say it's a pretty slick system to help you get a better idea of what you'll get from a UWS education.

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If you want to find out more about what The University of Wisconsin Superior has to offer for college options or even just see the campus in detail you can do that here.

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