First, ignore my dirty grill, I made ribs late last night and was too lazy to clean it.  Second, the brats only look a little funky shaped because I vacuum sealed them after we got them back from Superior Meats.

I have tried a variety of brats now from the few deer my family shot last year.  This was our first time using Superior Meats and they came highly recommended from people like me, who know how to eat.

When I initially dropped off the venison the wait time I was told it would be to get it back was many weeks, but I expected that.  To my surprise, I got a call less than 2 weeks after dropping it off.  So far, of the cheddar and wild rice ones we had done, these swiss ones are the best.  Good flavor, and a decent amount of cheese as long as you don't over cook them.  This first experience going there was good and I think I'll definitely go back, if anything just for the swiss ones.  Two thumbs up from this guy.

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