St. Louis County Historical Society has another discussion series coming up this week.  Their series is called "History in a Pint" and the latest discussion titled "Saving Pilot Bush" will happen at Carmody Irish Pub and Brewing in Duluth, Minnesota.

True stories will be told about people who were actually in World War II.  Mike Zeman of the Duluth area will talk about his father on the submarine the USS Finback while on tour in the Pacific.  A mission in particular that will be highlighted is the rescue of Navy pilot George H.W. Bush after being shot down.

The event is totally free and anyone can attend, it will take place this coming Tuesday the 15th of January at 5:30PM.  Parking is encouraged to be done in the parking ramp behind the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Duluth and you can find our more about this free event by checking out the website here.



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