Next Fall will be the maiden voyage for a new, 71-Day cruise that begins in Duluth and ends in Toronto with many stops in between.

According to an article in the Duluth News Tribune, these cruises aren't cheap but they pack a lot into the cruise. Just take a look at the itinerary that leaves Duluth on September 12th. The cruise prices start at $49,995, so the people on it will have some money and will be visiting Duluth to put a shot of money into Duluth's economy.

The ship leaves Duluth and ends up in Toronto, according to Viking Cruises the 71 day itinerary is already scheduled and visits ports in Canada and the United States. The cruise will give you time to do some exploring. If you book your cruise before June 30th, the DNT says Viking Cruises will throw in a free international air travel.

Viking Cruise Ship Prepares For Longest World Cruise Journey
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Does this mean Duluth could start hosting more cruises. According to Matt Grimes, vice president of maritime operations for Viking, who said to the DNT, not likely so far. Why? The reason is they like port cities that has air travel to multiple locations and major cities. Duluth doesn't have that, like Chicago does. Duluth does have connections to Minneapolis that could help the city.

In addition to the cruise ship that will leave Duluth, the city will host some of the other sister ships for the Viking Cruise Line. According to the DNT, Luce Amundsen with the DECC says, it will mean a lot of money coming to the city of Duluth.

Ocean Liner Viking Sea Moors In Greenwich Ahead Of Her Naming Ceremony
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The DNT says 7 cruise trips will visit over the course of the Summer between the Viking Octantis and the Viking Polaris. The next visit will be at the end of June. It really is grand seeing these huge luxury ships coming through the Aerial Lift Bridge and Canal.

The thing is this will make people aware of the city and could bring visitors back to see the city not just to take a cruise. Now that ships are visiting with tourists, the plan is to have things they can be a part of and places they can shop within a short distance.

The ships are luxurious for sure. On the Viking Cruise Lines website, you can tour the ship and go virtually to each deck and experience what it would be like to be on that Viking Ship. There is also a map of the layout of the ships as well.

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