Duluth native and Minnesota Viking full back C.J. went Ham against the Baltimore Ravens in their week 9 matchup and channeled his inner Randy Moss with a catch .

Ham was out there doing what he does best and always almost without fail. He had some nice blocks during the game and caught a spectacular 27-yard catch that he absolutely 'Mossed' over a Ravens' defender.

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This was a much needed catch as the Ravens built a come back and took the lead late in the 4th quarter. This was Ham's 7th reception of the year with 53 yards so far. He also has 6 carries for 34 yards. Even Vikings legend Chris Carter went to Twitter to just simply say "CJ Ham"

Despite the late touchdown to tie it up and take it to overtime, the Vikes still didn't get the job done. But I can't get over how great the catch was from Ham. I even love how Ham got up and ran when he didn't think he got touched.

It's tough being a Minnesota Vikings fan this year with another close loss, but I think we can all agree how amazing this catch truly was.

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