When C.J. Ham was a kid growing up in Duluth, if you said you were going to be a real Viking, it meant you would wear purple and gold with a horn on your helmet.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that C.J. Ham found out recently what it was like to be a real Viking, and put on the getup for a crazy promotion for the Netflix series. In a spinoff series called Vikings: Valhalla, C.J. Ham throws on some body armor, picks up an ax, and holds a shield. He even gets some lines for the ad.

C.J. Ham has been part of the Minnesota Vikings Offense playing fullback, a position that isn't popular and doesn't have stars playing the position like in the 70s. He has made a name for himself by being the lead blocker for Dalvin Cook, one of the tops in the league. Cook credits the blocking of Ham for his explosive runs.

Are his acting skills as good as his blocking skills? That remains to be seen, but maybe he has found something to fall back on if this football thing doesn't work out. After all, the Minnesota Vikings have a new head coach, maybe he won't value the full-back position?

It was especially exciting to see him in this part because he represents the Duluth area. C.J. Ham was a running back for Duluth Denfeld and was a star there and most expected big things from him but he went bigger making it onto the Minnesota Vikings practice squad and eventually moving up to a position.

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