The song "All Right Now" has been on the radio since 1970 and it's a tune that even the younger generation of music listeners will recognize and usually know.  Granted they probably won't know that the band Free performs it.  Paul Rodgers originally sang it and continued to for many years and then even took a break from performing it.  He really didn't need to when he was with Bad Company and The Firm, it's not like they didn't have enough hits to sing.

I'll admit that "All Right Now" is a song that after hearing it pretty much every day for my entire life, I'd be okay with not hearing it for a while and then I saw Paul Rodgers solo at Moondance Jam and live music did what it often does, it changed how I felt about hearing it again.  I was glad to hear it, even sang along. It really is a song that has held up over the years.

Out today is a live package titled "Free Spirit - Celebrating the Music of Free", and of course features the band's most popular song.  You can get it on CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, on Vinyl, and digital formats.  Here is a taste of what you will get with the package.

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