It's a rare thing for a band to keep all their original members. Bands break up, members quit, get fired, or worse, they die. Once in a while, for whatever reason, whether they finally get clean and sober, they need money, or they finally see the ills of their ways, they find a way to patch things up. That got Chris and I thinking, what bands would we want to see reunite? We had to eliminate the impossible with deceased members. I think it's obvious that we've been on a bit of an 80's kick lately. Completely by chance. So, spoiler alert, it's not a big surprise that this next installment of Shari & Chris Take on the World, contains nothing but 80's rock bands. Enjoy!

STONE Music Festival 2013
Getty Images/Mark Metcalfe

Sebastian Bach on stage during the 2013 Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Rockfest 80's Concert - Day 1
Getty Images/Mychal Watts

Vixen at the Rockfest 80's Concert in Sunrise, Florida on April 2, 2016.

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