I had no idea until today, because until today,

Scott Gries
Scott Gries

I didn't know I was a member.

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I'm a fan of a lot of bands, but GNR is right in that top 3 part of my list.  However, I've never joined a band's fan club before.  I just have never seen the value in the price and what you get.  I do know people though who through fan clubs have had the chance to meet many bands.  My attaining the Guns N' Roses Nightrain Fan Club premium status was an accident on my part of just a freebie.

If you haven't heard, the Guns N' Roses show that was supposed to happen on July 16th at Target Field was cancelled.  This was it's rescheduled date from last year and Fox David fills you in on the show being cancelled and a new one scheduled HERE.  As a perk to anyone who had tickets for the cancelled Target Field show, GNR offered pre-sale tickets to those individuals.  In a mad rush a Noon yesterday, I secured my new tickets for September 21st, at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  Through the truly effed up Ticketmaster BS website, I thought I un-selected signing up for the GNR fan club.  I either didn't, or the system screwed me, which is the more likely scenario.  Either way, I received an email today telling me to redeem my membership.

I cashed in my "free" GNR Nightrain Fan Club, which was for the premium at  valued $80.00.  For this, I received, or will receive a free t-shirt, some kind of passport stamp book for documenting you were at their shows which claims there may be at-show benefits, a face covering, a  jacket pin, contests, and concert pre-sales.  I'm excited for the shirt at least, but the mask might be a little late.  Honestly, with over $600 into two tickets that aren't even in the pit, I would rather have the $80 back, if that was indeed worked into the ticket price.  Anyway, here's to hoping there is a meet and greet and I can somehow get in because of the membership.  To me though, it's not worth the money for basically a shirt.  If you are interested, you can check out the GNR Nightrain Fan Club HERE.  Are you a current or past member of any band fan clubs?

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