Over the last month I have done a lot of traveling across the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The common theme seems to be that most of the places we wanted to grab something to eat, were closed.

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We all know that just about every business is looking for staff, restaurants are no exception.  The staffing shortage, no matter what the cause, has left fast food joints with lobbies closed, high end restaurants in fancy hotels not open, and popular restaurant stops closed on certain days.

One such place is the famous Tobies Restaurant and Bakery in Hinckley, MN.  It seems now per their website the hours are different than when we stopped last week, when they were closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  They still had the baked goods though, but it did surprise us that such a busy and popular place wasn't open when we rolled through.  The other thing that we noticed was that several restaurants were out of items on the menu.  It's more of an inconvenience when traveling for pleasure but when you're on the road for work, it can pose a challenge.

Last week while traveling for my other gig, we ended up having several gas station lunches and even one dinner due to places closing early.  That was made even worse when many gas stations were closed much earlier than normal.  So if you are going to be traveling, keep all of that in mind, and pack plenty of snacks just in case you run into the same situations we did.

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