Christmastime means different things to different people.  For some it's about spending time with family, for others, it's more about religion and their beliefs, and for many it's about a season of giving.

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At Christmas, many of us our fortunate to have a comfortable, warm, and safe place to live.  Some aren't as fortunate though and many struggle with a stable place to call home.

Thankfully Duluth is home to CHUM, a non-profit in the area that has people working together to help provide basic necessities and foster stable lives of others.

The outreach Chum does each year helps many who are struggling, struggle a little less.  The Chum center provides temporary shelter, has a food shelf, and is a great resource helping others find resources for what they may be struggling with.

As a fundraiser for the Chum and all they do, an annual event is taking place once again to help out the cause.

Saturday, December 16th, the Annual Tom and Jerry Fundraiser will be happening at the Jade Fountain Cocktail Lounge in Duluth.  Chum Board member and Duluth City Councilor Noah Hobbs will be there starting at 5PM making homemade Tom and Jerry drinks.

A good Tom and Jerry is my favorite holiday drink, and it will warm the bones and get the festive vibes going too.  For just five bucks, you can get one on the fundraiser night with or without alcohol and help support all of the great work that Chum does for the Duluth community.

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