There is a lot of talk about aliens these days. As time moves on, we are starting to see more talk of sightings and the supernatural.

In fact, there have been many alien sightings across Minnesota and Wisconsin over the past few years. There have been two reported UFO sightings in Cloquet just this year alone.

That got me thinking - when was the last time we had an official report of something supernatural in Duluth?

To find the answer to this question, I headed to the National UFO Reporting Center. Here, people can report their alien sightings and include details like when they saw it, what shape it was, how long it was seen for and other details about their alien encounter.

I searched Minnesota's database and discovered that the last sighting was reported in June of 2017. A resident reports the sighting lasted 20 minutes and the object in question was an oval shape.

Here's what else they had to say about the encounter: it was early in the morning from Barker's Island across the water into Duluth. The reporter saw a "bright shining object hovering in the sky some distance over the tree tops." According to the report, it did not move like a plane would. The object is said to have had flickering white lights that stayed in its position until it vanished.

There you have it! With so many sightings popping up in Cloquet and Northern Minnesota, it's only a matter of time before we have another one in Duluth!

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