It has been almost 22 years since a Minnesota professional team won a championship (1991 Minnesota Twins), sorry Minnesota Lynx...I know you won a championship in 2011, but this list focuses on the Twins, Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves. The list will go from least likely to the most likely to win the next championship. This list has two groups of two teams, the first group is very far from a championship, while the other group are prime for their glory.

  • Mike Ehrmann
    Mike Ehrmann

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Future- Hopeless with David Kahn as General Manager

    This team could easily be number three on this list, but I do not see them turning it around on multiple factors. Number one is the coach. The only reason this team is even remotely  competitive is because of Rick Adelman, and his future is up in the air because of family reasons. This team needs a winning coach in order to move out of the basement of the Western Conference. Another factor is no "pure" scorer, Ricky Rubio has shown flashes, but he is the next Steve Nash not the next Kobe Bryant. We have seen so many times this season this teams inability to hit the crucial basket. Kevin Love was that last season, but some push-ups have derailed his season. Also Love is two years away from leaving this snow covered tundra for somewhere warmer and a winning atmosphere. Number three is decision making. Sorry David Kahn lovers out there but what has Kahn shown us that he deserves another chance at being this teams general manager? Yeah I get it he drafted Rubio, but should I remind you that he drafted Jonny Flynn right after that pick? and look how that worked out while Stephen Curry was still available and has become one of the best shooting guards in the NBA...which this team desperately needs. Also Wesley Johnson...I don't need to go to much into detail about that one. This team has a few bright spots like Rubio, and Derrick Williams is starting to look like he deserved to be drafted number two in 2011 but still this team can not escape the basement of the NBA. This teams future was so bright last season, and now it has become a nightmare that everyone in Minnesota just wants to wake up from.

  • Al Messerschmidt
    Al Messerschmidt

    Minnesota Twins

    Future- Promising with Terry Ryan at the helm

    Can we just go back to 2010 when everything was just amazing in Target Field? Man...that seems so long ago. But even though this team has question marks surrounding their manager like the T-Wolves, the reason this team is number three is the man in charge Terry Ryan. Unlike Kahn, Ryan knows his sport. Remember Ryan was the main architect behind the renaissance Twins of the 2000's, he was the man who traded for Johan Santana, drafted Joe Mauer over Mark Prior. Ryan has started to piece together a great rotation....for 2014 not 2013. Once again the Twins farm system is gleaming with amazing prospects, but in baseball the rebuilding process takes years...just ask the Kansas City Royals or the Pittsburgh Pirates. This team has plethra of great prospects like Aaron Hicks Miguel Sano, Trever May but most of those players except Hicks won't see Minnesota until 2014. But I have faith that in 2013 your going to see a turn around with the franchise, and you will once again see this team in the post season in 2014, but still this team is still a few years away from winning their third World Series has the Minnesota Twins.


  • Andy Lyons
    Andy Lyons

    Minnesota Vikings

    Future- Optomistic that Ponder becomes the quarterback that we need

    They made it to the play offs last season with Christian Ponder at quarterback, so why can't they win a Super Bowl with Ponder at quarterback? I saw progress from Ponder last season, when I mean progress I saw him do a great job at handing the ball of to Adrian Peterson. Okay joking aside Ponder did have a great begging of the season, and some very good games down the stretch of the season. Now with the addition of Greg Jennings, it should alleviate some pressure off of Peterson, and give Ponder a legitimate deep threat to throw to. This team still has some missing pieces, but how well Rick Spielman drafted last season, and with three picks in the first two rounds gives me hope that Spielman will once again to an amazing job at piecing together a team through the another wide receiver, a nose tackle and a middle linebacker. If Ponder continues to grow as a quarterback, Peterson continues his quest at becoming the best running back ever, and the defense starts to become the backbone of this team you could possibly see this team contend next year, and years after that.

  • Tom Szczerbowski
    Tom Szczerbowski

    Minnesota Wld

    Future- Amazing with Parise and company continuing to improve

    I have 196 million reasons why this team will bring home the Stanley Cup. Ryan Suter and Zach Parise are worth every cent they are being paid. All four of our lines have an identity, our minor league team has so many great prospects that their is absolutely no room for them on the Wild roster at this time. Mike Yeo has a great chance at winning coach of the year for how he has put together this team. Not to mention Danny Heatly is on our third line, and would be on the first line for any other team in the NHL almost. This team is hot right now, and with a shortened season, and the play offs right around the corner has a very good chance at making a run at the cup. Even if the Wild come up short this season, with how deep their team is now, and with how many young players on the horizon, this team has a great chance at becoming the next dynasty in the NHL. I am not saying this team will win the next four Stanley Cups, but it has an opportunity to become a play off team for many years to come.


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