This sounds like the world's quirkiest prank I've ever heard of. The person that posted in the neighborhood said it was odd and the next step was to get a ring camera.

The answer came from many people after that. Everyone knew what was happening, except the homeowner. The homeowner said they were a little unnerved and were uncomfortable with knowing someone was hanging around their yard and leaving bread to mock him by leaving bread on the porch.

The reactions after that are helpful and humorous.

Ama says It's squirrels, they will hide food that way.

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Kurt asked if they left a candle too for some squirrel fine dining.

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Patti says it is a squirrel for sure because they left a taco shell, apples, and bread.

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So, we have narrowed it down. Then it was suggested the crows in the neighborhood do the same. I found that to be interesting. Sure enough after looking into it, more people came forward and said it could be the crows. They like to do the same thing, one of the neighbors said, keep away.

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The crows also like to hide food, and they like to hide it from the ravens. Linda said she knows that the Crows like to steal what the squirrels have hidden. Linda says the crows watch and then come over after the squirrels leave the area and take the bread and eat it.

So why do squirrels hide bread crusts and other things on window sills, plants, and porches? It's their garbage. Quora says the bread is too tough for them so they leave it as garbage, or if it is raining, the water softens it and they can eat it later. The crows leave it so the ravens don't get it and they are just stealing the squirrel's bread if they leave it.

That would explain the comment above that they leave apples and other things. They can't eat it for whatever reason, so they leave it somewhere to break down a little then get it later, and they don't want the crows to get it.

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