The first ever Grandma's Marathon event was on June 25th 1977.  Since then, it's been an event that Duluth is known for.  The event promoters have worked hard each year to make it as fun and as exciting as possible for runners and spectators.  Between events for the kids, shorter races to participate in, and great entertainment, there is something for everyone.

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While you'll always get the few people that avoid the busyness of the event, many people enjoy everything that goes on.  This year it's happening in full force, with the runners, spectators, and a day full of live entertainment at Duluth's Bayfront Festival Park.

It's extra special to me because I'm a pretty social person, and as you know, the social event options have been limited, and we finally get to do something. I got into radio and media to be able to work at, host, and contribute to local events.  So that year off from almost every live public event, really wasn't great.  Things are opening back up, people like vendors, sound production companies, bands, and event promotors can go back to making some money.  All of course while keeping us entertained, so it's good all around for everyone.

The 45th Grandma's Marathon is a chance to say hello again, to connect again, and see some smiling faces.  I'm at fully vaccinated and have that 5G signal coursing through my veins so if you see me, I'm down for handshakes and hugs, bring it on!  It will be nice to see everyone out and about again being the social creatures that we are.  I can't think of a better way to get back to normal than celebrating a Duluth tradition.  You can get filled in on everything going on with Grandma's Marathon HERE.

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