Sometimes driving can be pretty scary. From driving during snow storms to attempted car thefts, make sure your head is always on a swivel.

The incident took place on a cold Minnesota night on I-694 near Arden Hills and Shoreview (northeastern suburbs of the Twin Cities). MN Safety shared and narrated the video on their YouTube page.

The page primarily focuses on the Twin Cities area, Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Their goal according to their page is to:

Help educate and inform the public; the goal is to provide easily accessible data & information about the activities of law enforcement officers, promote transparency in government and help raise awareness about traffic safety.

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They also went on to say "building, trust, safety and awareness can help reduce crime and encourage safer driving." The video starts with the car blocking a lane of traffic on the freeway. Of course in Minnesota nice fashion, a car seems to stop to check on the stopped car before moving on and shortly before police arrive on the scene.

The man in the stopped vehicle refuses to get out, so the officer calls for back up. More officers show up as well as a tow truck. However, that doesn't stop ongoing traffic as the drivers are probably saying "ope, gonna sneak right past ya". Cars continue to sneak by before the tow truck and officers are able to fully block traffic and motorists are able to take the exit ramp.

The man finally gets out of the car and then bolts across the freeway and into oncoming traffic. It appears that he got clipped by a car as he was running. The car stops and then the man runs up to it and attempts to go "Grand Theft Auto" on the driver as he opens up the door in a car jacking attempt. Luckily the officers catch up to him quickly and take him down. Check out the entire video below:

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