A Wisconsin-based dog food manufacturer has issued a voluntary recall notice for a variety of their canned product.  At issue is elevated levels of Vitamin D, which can lead to serious health issues if consumed by dogs. Pictures of the front of the recalled cans are included below for your reference.

Fromm Family Foods based out of Mequon, Wisconsin is voluntarily recalling approximately 5,500 cases of their Four Star Shredded can Entree dog food.  Four specific lots are involved in the recall.  The product was distributed nationwide at a variety of stores.

The United States Food and Drug Administration is urging pet owners who have purchased the canned dog food involved in the recall to stop feeding it to their pets. At the present time,  there have been no known reports of medical issues or illness in pets related to the dog food.  However, Fromm company management has determined that it's "prudent to pull these four lots out of distribution."

Potential adverse reactions vary from dog to dog, depending on many issues including size.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration shares the following in regards to dogs who consume elevated levels of Vitamin D:

"[Dogs] may exhibit symptoms  such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss.  Vitamin D....[that is] consumed at very high levels can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction."

Here are the details about the four specific lots that are involved in the recall:

  • Four-Star SHREDDED BEEF IN GRAVY ENTREE food for dogs, 12 cans per case, 11877 - Net weight:  12 ounces per can - UPC: 7270511876 - Best By Date:  082024
  •  Four-Star SHREDDED CHICKEN IN GRAVY ENTREE food for dogs, 12 cans per case, 11881 - Net weight: 12 ounces per can - UPC: 7270511880 - Best By Date: 082024
  • Four-Star SHREDDED PORK IN GRAVY ENTREE food for dogs, 12 cans per case, 11879 - Net weight:  12 ounces per can - UPC: 7270511878 - Best By Date:  082024
  • Four-Star SHREDDED TURKEY IN GRAVY ENTREE food for dogs, 12 cans per case, 11883 - Net weight:  12 ounces per can - UPC: 7270511882 - Best By Date:  082024

At the present time, there are no other Fromm pet food products involved in the recall notice.

Here are images of the canned dog food labels provided by Fromm Dog Food:

Fromm Foods
Fromm Foods
Fromm Foods
Fromm Foods

Customers who have purchased Fromm Four-Star Shredded Entree canned dog food should return the product to the store it was bought at.  Additional questions can be directed to the Fromm Dog Food Company:  1-800-325-6331.

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