Six different Wolfgang Van Halens appear in the video for Mammoth WVH's new song "Don't Back Down."

In a high-tech update of Phil Collins' 1982 "You Can't Hurry Love" promotional clip, a quartet of Wolfgangs can be seen singing and playing together together in one room, while two others serve as producer and engineer in the control room.

"Don't Back Down" is one of two new tracks released today from the upcoming Mammoth WVH album, alongside the poppier "Think It Over."

In the beginning of the "Don't Back Down" video, drummer Wolfgang annoys his bandmates by being late, and at the end, the producer and engineer Wolfgangs humorously critique their performance: "Holy shit, that was terrible. We can fix that, right?"

Wolfgang did, in fact, handle all vocals and instruments on "Don't Back Down," as he did on every other track on Mammoth WVH, which is due out June 11. "'Don't Back Down' is definitely the fight song," Van Halen told UCR. "It's the song you hear in the arena when you want the team to kick the other team’s ass."

Asked about displaying the kind of comedic timing that would likely make his famous actress mother Valerie Bertinelli proud, he quips: "Well, I did get an A in theater in high school."

"Don't Back Down" features a dramatic mid-song instrumental section reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. "Oh, for sure," Wolfgang said, when asked if he was a fan of the Josh Homme-fronted band. "The song 'The Big Picture' on the album was called 'Queens' as a demo title. If you thought you heard Queens on this one, it’s definitely on that one, too."

The video was shot over two days at 5150, the recording studio built by Wolfgang's father and former Van Halen bandmate Eddie Van Halen. Eddie died last October; the following month Wolfgang released his debut Mammoth WVH song "Distance" as a tribute.

The younger Van Halen admitted it felt strange to return to his father's home studio. "I had the idea for that video for a while now, but just going back there was definitely a little difficult," he says. "But in a way, it was almost like christening the space for the quote-unquote Mammoth future, since I’m going to be spending as much time as possible in there for the future."

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