Since winter is hitting pretty hard in the Twin Ports this year, you might be trying to find something to keep you busy when it's cold out and dark early.

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I don't ski or snowmobile anymore, and rarely get out to ice fish like I should.  The older I get, the less I want to be out in the cold.  This got me looking for something I can do other than sitting around and watching Netflix.  While the gym is of course the healthy option, I found another one I am going to try, blacksmithing.

I initially saw a poster advertising blacksmithing classes at the Duluth Grill, which got my attention.  I had no idea there was a place in Duluth that offered classes in what is a pretty ancient form of craftsmanship.

Located at 1325 London Road in Duluth, is the Forging Community.  They are a non-profit group with a goal of keeping blacksmithing traditions and knowledge alive.  Classes are offered quite often, and happen Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights and also on Saturday from 9AM-4PM.  They also offer some sweet group rates for up to 12 people and classes can be attended by anyone 11 and older.

The Forging Community Facebook page has plenty of pictures to view, information on everything they offer, and all of the details on events they are attending to demonstrate their craft.  If blacksmithing isn't quite for you, think about it as a gift option for someone in your life who might dig and experience that is a little more old school, and a fun learning experience.

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