Want to spread a little Minnesota nice with a Christmas gift to an out of state friend?  Here's some gift ideas that are truly "Minnesotan."

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    MN Grown Wild Rice

    This is really easy to ship and it's something that's grown right here in Minnesota.  As long as they can follow the instructions, they'll have a taste of what we love in Minnesota wherever they are.

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    MN Sports Apparel

    We are the state of Hockey, so you can't go wrong getting a hockey themed gift.  Whether it's a shirt like this, or a MN Wild Jersey, A bulldog hockey hat, or something else with a MN team on it you'll have a good gift idea.

    Amazcon.com Pretty Simple
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    How To Talk Minnesotan Book

    Howard Mohr came out with a classic book in 1987 on how to talk "Minnesotan." He's revised it for the new century, and you bet it's a good one.

    Amazon.com Howard Mohr
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    Top The Tater

    This last year I wrote a blog called The Ten Commandment of Top The Tater.  #9 says we need to help our friends who can't buy it where they live.   Spread the word.  And really, what could be a better Christmas gift?

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    Land Of 10,000 Lakes Clothing

    In Minnesota, we're darn proud of our lakes. They give us year round activities, and we've got plenty of em!  We don't like to brag because that wouldn't be nice, but there's nothing wrong with a hat to show it off.