Our veterans have done a lot for us to help preserve the American way of life.  As a thanks to them a brand new park will be opening to honor all branches of the military.

Across The Pond Veterans Park is in  Iron River, WI.  On Saturday, September 5th, they will be celebrating their grand opening.  Ceremonies will begin at 11:00AM with the Honor Guard Flag Raising of the American Flag and then one for each military branch.  After that at Noon, the event will move to the Iron River Community Center.  They will feature an all you can eat fish boil and various ceremonial activities.

There will be outdoor seating and social distancing guidelines will be observed, so make sure you bring your face mask.  If you are attending the flag raising ceremony, make sure to bring your own chair, as seating is limited.  Across The Pond Veterans park is located at 68490 Red Wine Road, on the corner of Hwy 2, just West of Iron River.  You can find out more about this brand new park, and see some photos of the construction leading up to the grand opening on their Facebook page HERE.

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