If you're a United States Military Veteran, your service is appreciated and Vet Tix is something you should check out.

What exactly is Vet Tix?  It's the Veterans Ticket Foundation, a national non-profit, non-governmental 501c(3) tax-exempt organization.  They team up with various other organizations, promoters, sports teams, and event venues to set up Veterans with free tickets.

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Vet Tix gives Veterans access to concerts, games, comedy shows, museums, gun shows, auto racing events, and much more so they and their families can have a great shared experience.  If you think about how out of reach some sports games are to go see, or even where concert ticket prices are now, it can be a lot of money to take say a family of four to an event.

In 2021, Vet Tix has already given out 1.6 million free tickets to Veterans.  If you're reading this, and want to help out the cause, you can do that.  The Vet Tix website has options on their page to donate money towards the cause of securing tickets, or you can even straight up donate tickets you have.

Many of our Veterans endure mental and physical stress from the job, plus the added stress of being away from family and potentially having to move all over the world.  It's great there is an organization like this to help give them a little something extra back.


To sign up for Vet Tix, you must be currently serving in the US Military, an honorably discharged or retired Veteran, Purple Heart recipient, primary next of kin to someone who was killed in action, or the surviving spouse of a service-member with a service connected death.

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