In case you didn't have enough on your mind with a global pandemic going on, tomorrow kicks off Severe Weather Awareness Week.  Homeland Security and Emergency Management is a division of The Minnesota Department of Public Safety and they want to help you prepare.

This awareness week isn't designed to cause alarm or panic, there won't be any tornado sirens or anything like that.  They just want the general public to be prepared and be mindful that even with a global pandemic, bad weather can hit anytime too.  Preparing for severe weather involves having a solid plan and the necessary supplies in case there is flooding, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and other weather events.

Since a lot of us are stuck at home more anyway, it's a good opportunity to take some time to go over these things as an individual or with your whole family.  The State of Minnesota has tips, checklists, and more information on how to prepare for severe weather events here.

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