Within the last 48 hours the Minnesota Twins have scored a total of 16 runs in two games. Before Wednesday nights game the Twins scored a total of six runs in the four previous games, and not to mention three of those runs came from two Josh Willingham home runs.Yesterdays game made the Twins middle of the order look more dangerous then Detroit Tigers middle of the order. Willingham has made Target Field seem like a little league field in just three games this year. What should we take away from the last two games? Are the Twins really in serious contention for the Central? Or are we on pace for another 99 lose season?

This team to me, does not show the same characteristics that last season team did. Take yesterday for


example, the 2011 Twins would have rolled over, and would have not even made a serious comeback like this season team did. Here is fun fact to consider. The last time both Mauer, and Morneau hit a home run in the same game was July, 6th 2010 which was one day before Morneau suffered that eventful concussion that has been bothering him for the last 21 months.

This season is still very young, there are still 156 games left to play, but watching the Twins take 2-out-of-3 from a World Series favorite has to be good news for all Twins fans. Still pitching is a big concern. Fransisco Liriano has shown in two innings this year that he could become the Twins next Ace, but besides those two innings he has shown that he is still fighting is mechanics. Scott Baker is gone for the year, and that is not good news, because Baker had the lowest ERA for the Twins last year. If we can patch together a decent rotation then this year could be exciting.

For now lets not start thinking playoffs, but instead lets keep an eye out for this team. If Mauer, and Morneau can keep healthy, and produce like they did yesterday who knows maybe we could compete with the Tigers. I think the biggest thing for the Twins is pitching, if our pitchers can keep us in the game, then our team has a chance, because if yesterday is going to tell us anything it would be that our lineup is potent.

It is only April, and the old cliche that baseball is a marathon, and not a sprint needs to be remembered, because right now the Twins are still 2-4, and play in one of the best division in all of baseball. If the Twins want to stay relevant then they need to get back to the old Twins way of nailing down the fundamentals, pitch better, and keep hitting. Who knows what the standings will look like in five months from now, but anything can happen in baseball which makes baseball fun.


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