Minnesota Deer Rifle Season officially opens on November, 6th 2021.  It's hard for me to believe it's already almost here and while I doubt I'll be in a hoodie for opener like last year, I'm still looking forward to it.

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Deer season for me is more about time with my family than anything.  I've never been the guy chasing that big buck, also It's generally cheaper for me to just buy beef than what it costs to go hunting every weekend of the season.  That will be especially true for me as this year I have to spring for an out of state license which isn't exactly cheap.

Admittedly, my awesome dad handles most of the prep work leading up to deer season.  He puts out corn, various licks for the deer to enjoy, and he makes his rounds checking all of the stands, so I have it pretty easy for the most part.  With that being said, make sure you check out your stands prior to the opener.  I know plenty of guys who just show up to their spot without checking the stand out since the past year, who end up finding damage to them.  This can be from the wind, trees falling, or just general old age wear and tear.  Check them out in advance for the safety factor at a minimum.

Family at Deer Shack- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Family at Deer Shack- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Make sure too, that you don't wait until the night before to get your license.  Generally, enough people do that and the line to get yours can be quite long.  I know, because I have been guilty of it.  Also do your best to know what zone you are hunting in, as it does speed up the process and the line progression when you don't have to look for it or make a phone call to ask your buddies or family.

While deer shacks generally have everyone bringing enough food and booze, set yourself up for the opener the right way.  Don't try to save a few bucks to find out that you out ate or out drank your weekend supplies only to have to head back into town.  This is especially important if your shack is in a more remote area.  Adding to that, many places closer to remote deer shacks generally have higher prices, especially on beer and liquor.

Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

If you haven't fired your rifle or checked out your scope recently, do yourself a favor and get that done as well.  There is nothing worse than finding out your firearm has an issue on opener, especially if you have a chance at a shot.  While ammo is harder to find these days, if you can, get a new box of shells too.  Properly stored ammo doesn't really go bad, but a new box each year hasn't let me down yet.

Lastly on my list, if you do have a wheeler or side-by-side that you use mostly just for deer season, give that a once over too.  If it needs some maintenance, get that squared away so it's ready to rip.  That's my two cents leading up to the great Minnesota tradition, what do you do to prepare for deer season?

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