I got into antiques years ago when my dad would take me to various auctions around the area.  Some of the items we acquired over the years include beer related antiques.  From cans to signs that light up, there was always plenty on display throughout the house.  Certainly more than made since being that he was never much of a beer drinker since I have known him.  There is just something about old beer stuff that's cool to display.

If you appreciate old or new beer related items, you might be interested in an event going on this weekend in Cloquet.  It's the Beer Collectibles Show at the Northeastern Hotel.  Items featured will be from Hamm's, Fitger's, Grain Belt, and more.  From signs to bottles, there will be a variety to see.  In addition, if you have an old bottle you dug up, or a sign you purchased or inherited, bring it along and someone should be able to give you an idea of it's value.

Even if you don't have anything to get appraised, stop on out to shop, appreciate the beer items from years past, or just have a beer while social distancing in the parking lot.  It's on Saturday, July 11th, from 9:00AM-3:00PM and there is no cover charge or admission.  The Northeastern Hotel is located at 115 St. Louis Ave, in Cloquet.

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