Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years is using reclaimed materials for construction projects.  Think of items like old barn wood, older or antique fixtures, or even things like crown molding that would normally be thrown away.  These items and many more can be used for a retro look in a newer home, for shed building, or even side money crafting projects.  Another reason you might want to consider purchasing reclaimed materials is the price hike in lumber currently.  Since the pandemic hit, the price of lumber and plywood has drastically jumped.  I have several friends who have now put off the building of a garage or a shed because of the jump.

Reclaimed construction materials might not always be cheaper than big box store lumber, but it's for sure better for the environment.  Also, if you keep you eyes open on Facebook Marketplace and even still on the mostly left behind Craigslist, you can still find great deals on reclaimed materials and sometimes they are even free.

There is a reclaimed construction materials sale happening on Friday, October 2nd, from 9:00AM-3:00PM.  The materials are from a home that was built in 1906 and will include maple flooring, rough-cut Douglas fir, and original fixtures.  The sale is being held by Better Future Minnesota and will be at 2024 Carnegie Street in Oliver, WI.

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