As we get closer to the new year, people make resolutions.  Some go the route of saying they will lose weight, be more kind, or save more money and spend less.  One resolution I have heard is to clear out clutter.  Clutter can be lots of things but if you're like me some of that clutter is older items you have hung onto because you think they might be worth something.

I have several pieces of art, books, and various random objects that I would define as old or antique but am not really sure what they are worth.  If you are in the same boat you can get those items appraised for free this coming January.

The St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center is having another round of free appraisals on Wednesday, January 16th, at The Depot in Duluth. Expert appraisers will be on hand to help you estimate the value of your item or items.  It's from Noon-3PM with the cutoff for registration at 2:30PM.  You can bring up to two items per person and clear photographs with identifying descriptions and markings can be brought as well.

More information can be had by calling (218) 733-7568 or e-mail  I know several people who have taken advantage of this free appraisal opportunity and have been quite surprised by the value of items they just had hanging around.

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