Crashes on highways are something law enforcement know about all too well. Whenever they occur, I would imagine the biggest hope is that nobody gets hurt. Thankfully, with a crash that occurred Wednesday in Wisconsin, that was the case. Well, that is unless you love beer.

On October 6, the Wisconsin State Patrol utilized their Facebook page to report a crash that involved a semi-truck full of beer. The semi-truck ultimately rolled over and the precious cargo ended up piled up on the side of the road.

The crash took place on I-94 in Jackson County and below are the photos provided by the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

According to Fox 21, the beer that was being hauled was Leinenkugel’s.

Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

The crash occurred Wednesday morning near Hixton, Wisconsin, which is just over a three hour drive from the Twin Ports area.

Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

The Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating the crash.

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Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

My biggest question is did all the beer spill and if not, what did they do with all the beer that was still safely contained. I mean, you can't really sell that in stores anymore, right?

Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

Perhaps any beer that was abled to be saved was donated to the Wisconsin State Patrol so their staff could enjoy it when they're off duty.

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