I proposed last week and we decided to move forward with a wedding sooner than later.  We've talked a lot about it leading up to the proposal and knew we wanted to get married, so it's not some last minute decision.  I did however say last year that people aren't the smartest trying to actually have a wedding during the pandemic.  The date is set in late July, so it will be here soon.

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While I mean this to be about the benefits, I will mention the few downsides of doing it now.  Almost every rental place for wedding items like chairs and limo services that I called have a high non-refundable deposit.  Some even have disclaimers saying it's because of COVID-19.  I understand they need to make money, and we had to accept that if we end up not needing something, there will still be cost involved.  Also, limited staff at places has caused some minor hiccups, nothing we couldn't work around though.

As far as the benefits, there have been several.  We had almost no problem finding a place to have the ceremony and reception.  The ceremony is in a public space and was wide open for us to rent that Saturday.  It helps to know good people and Mary, who owns The Choo Choo Bar, was gracious enough to close for the night to accommodate our group for the celebration.  Also, renting chairs, a limo, and photographer, in what's usually full on wedding season, wasn't tough at all.

The other upside and downside at the same time is that with the COVID-19 restrictions, we have to limit the amount of attendees.  It sucks because there are some we want there that won't be able to attend because both of us have big families.  However, it's nice should we have someone we really don't want there, but would feel obligated if we had the space.  So if you are getting hitched during what is hopefully the tail end of this pandemic, it might actually work out pretty well for you.

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