This seems too good to be true! The Northland has had a very mild November. I guess anything really is possible in 2020. Ha!

It is no secret that we have seen a mild month for November 2020. This is amazing because usually this month is brutal in the Twin Ports. It has felt more like fall than winter and we are just fine with that.

With the mild conditions have come a few record-breaking high temperatures for the area. Several spots were warmer than they ever have been on record. Those areas include International Falls, Brainerd, Duluth and more.

The "hot streak" mainly spanned over the first week of November. Take a look at a few of the areas that broke records - and just how hot they got - below, courtesy of the National Weather Service of Duluth.

Wow! Prior to the start of the month, the National Weather Service of Duluth predicted that we would see this nice warm up. They forecast a warm Halloween followed by a string of warm days. Who would have thought we would see record-breaking heat?!

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The warm start to the month was even more welcome following October of 2020. Why? Because it was one of the snowiest winters on record and also one of the coldest. In fact, we saw the fifth snowiest and the second coldest on record for Duluth.

As for what the next few months hold, the National Weather Service of Duluth says we can expect occasional outbreaks of winter air and above average snow. We miss the warm temperatures already!

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