If you haven't been to one of the Minnesota based Brick and Bourbon restaurant/bar locations, do yourself a favor and try them out if you end up nearby one.  The food is great, but their Smoking Gun whiskey cocktail is an experience in itself.

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The Smoking Gun is served in a glass case of sorts that is filled with woodchip smoke, to add flavor to the bourbon or whiskey in the glass.  At-home kits to create the same effect have been popping up like crazy, especially this Christmas season, and I was gifted one today.

Middleton Mixology makes the kit I received, and I figured, why not have a cocktail around Noon on Christmas day.  I decided to try adding cherry wood smoke flavor to High West Bourbon, which I've been sipping on pretty heavy lately.

Whiskey Smoker Kit- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The Middleton kit comes with instructions which basically say to put the wood top over your glass with the liquor, put woodchips of choice in the basket, and burn until the glass fills with smoke and leave it for 5-10 seconds.  I tried it their way first, and the straight bourbon absorbed some of the cherry wood flavor, but I wanted more.

After adding a few cubes of ice, I smoked it again, this time leaving the smoke on it for almost a minute.  That longer time was the ticket for me, as the smoke flavor was ten-fold what it was with only the initial ten seconds.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the kit, and can't wait to try some of the other wood flavors with various bourbons and whiskeys.  If not for you, this would make a great Father's Day, Mother's Day, or birthday gift for the bourbon fan in your life.

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