My go-to alcohol when I chose to consume, is some form of whiskey or bourbon.

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My taste buds just don't dig too much of the sweet stuff as drinks like that usually end up in gut rot.  While I do enjoy beer of many varieties, most of those are too filling unless I'm hammering down a few Busch Lights.

I'll usually drink bourbon on the rocks, and on a rare occasion might add a small splash of Coke or Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  The problem I run into is when I sit down for dinner with my after work cocktail, bourbon doesn't always pair well with what is being served.

One of the reasons I enjoy bourbon is that while it might not pair well with all of the side dishes, it does with turkey.  Turkey is of course usually the main course served at most Thanksgiving events, so I'm generally safe bringing a bottle or two wherever we end up for dinner.

A lot of bourbons are aged in oak barrels, and for some reason that seems to play well with the most well known holiday bird.  Yeah, white wines go well with turkey too, but the issue with that for me is again like above, too many people prefer the sweeter stuff.

If you like bourbon, and haven't tried it with poultry in the past, give it a whirl this Thanksgiving.  My go-to as of late has been Bulleit Bourbon which is made in Kentucky.  Four Roses also from Kentucky, is another that would pair well while you're chowing on the bird trying to forget you're hanging with at least some family you don't want to see.

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