What a sweet surprise! It looks like Duluth is definitely on the map for Charlie Berens.

In case you didn't know, Charlie Berens is on a media tour right now as he releases his new book. The book is called the Midwest Survival Guide and with the recent release, he has also been embarking across the midwest promoting it and meeting fans.

Over the summer, he announced the new book and tour. In truly Charlie Berens fashion, the tour took him mostly across Wisconsin but he did plan a few stops in Minnesota. The lucky spots include Rochester, Mankato, Winona and of course, the Mall of America.

The comedian was most recently at the Mall of America, signing books and taking pictures with fans on Sunday (November 20th). While he was hours from Duluth, it seems like he had us on his mind to say the least!

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Okay, that might be a little bit of a stretch but he was spotted repping some Duluth gear! He was wearing a ball cap from the Duluth Trading Company! That counts for something, right?

The Mall Of America shared some photos from the meet and greet on their Facebook page after the event. In the photo, he is seen posing with fans and signing books with his Duluth Trading Company gear front and center!

He also performed a show at the House Of Comedy at the mall over the weekend. In case you didn't know, Charlie Berens has become a big deal over the past few years thanks to his online show known as the Manitowoc Minute.

Ken of The Breakfast Club was even lucky enough to get to talk to the star a few years back before a show at the UWS. If you haven't seen the interview, you can check it out below:

As for Duluth Trading Company, it looks like he is a big fan. This isn't a huge shock though, considering the company is actually headquartered in Wisconsin now. According to the Duluth Trading Company website, the company was founded in Duluth but later changed hands and found a new home in Wisconsin.

Despite the fact, it is still awesome to see him repping some Duluth gear! Earlier this year, Guy Fieri gave a shoutout to another Duluth company. He was seen rocking Duluth Pack gear and even gave the company a shoutout on social media.

Which celebrity is going to be next? I am not sure but I love to see it!

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