Tracy Nelson Maurer's hometown is Superior, WI and she is coming home to read her latest children's book.

It's a picture-book titled "Samuel Morse, That's Who!", and in addition to reading it will have a Morse code activity to go along with it for the kids.  The event in totally free however there will be copies of the book available for purchase and Tracy will be signing them as well.  While it's free and for kids, the event is appropriate for kids ages 6 and up.

Tracy's story will include interaction with the audience and props to go along with it.  She has written and had published more than 100 books for children and young adults and included in those works are the books "John Deere, That's Who!", and "Noah Webster's Fighting Words".

The event takes place on Tuesday, July 16th, at The Superior Public Library located at 1530 Tower Avenue in Superior, WI.  You can get more information on this and other Superior Public Library events by clicking here.


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