Every year the Salvation Army offers Christmas assistance to those in need.  With the impact that COVID-19 has had on a lot of people in 2020, this is a good way to get a little extra help if you need it.

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Starting Monday, November 2nd through Wednesday, November 25th, applications will be accepted for Christmas dinner and gifts each weekday from 1:00PM-4:00PM.  The gifts are for kids under the age of 16 with some exceptions that can be discussed at the time of applying.

To apply you need to show up and follow some of the guidelines.  They will not allow early waiting in line, so it's requested that you do not show up any earlier than 12:50PM.  Masks will be required when applying, so don't forget yours, and only one member of a household may show up to apply.  Make sure that you dress warm as well, you may have some time waiting outside as people will need to be socially distanced so they do not exceed building capacity.

You'll need to bring with you a photo ID and proof of your current address.  Items accepted for that could be a utility bill or lease information, your photo ID will not count as proof of your address.  For an ID for children or other adults in your household, you can use a school ID, birth certificates, or social security cards.  If you don't bring the proper information, you will need to come back to apply.

There is also an online sign-up option available and you can do that starting November 1st, HERE.  Christmas distribution days will be from December 14th-18th.  Salvation Army in Duluth is located at 215 South 27th Avenue West.

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