If you're like me, you wait until the last minute to do just about everything.  Okay, so maybe not everything, but I certainly wait until the last minute for Christmas gift shopping.

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It's actually bad to wait this long especially with the availability of items and usually longer than expected shipping times.  If the last minute people on your list like music, consider these usually easy to find items.



Vinyl is back in, and even with the streaming apps, especially the Sasquatch 92.1 App, and of course the regular old airwaves, a good ole record player is nice.  Generally places like Best Buy will have record players in stock, and many that are at least decent, won't break the bank.  Or, if your music lover already has a record player, consider a nice turntable stand to give their player a nice place to sit and store their vinyl favorites.



Another item that doesn't have to be that expensive and can still deliver decent sound quality is a decent pair of headphones.  The options are almost limitless now, between full size old school ones, and totally wireless earbuds.  Do a little research with Uncle Google before you snag a pair to check ratings, but many are easy to find in big box stores.


Tickets in hand

Most music fans enjoy concerts, and while concert tickets can be pricey, many aren't that bad.  This can work out great if you like the band or artist too, as you can give the gift of taking them to the show.  If you're close to Minnesota, and the individual on your list is a fan, consider Foo Fighters tickets for their August 2022 show.


Blank red gift card with silver ribbons and bow isolated on white background.

Yeah, it's not really the most fun to gift a gift card, but it gives them the option to get what they want.  If your town has a more locally owned music store, go for a card from there.  Otherwise, while not just about music, if you have an FYE Store close by them, consider a gift card from there.  It's hard for most people to not find something cool in one of those stores.

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