By now, most everyone knows that getting a COVID-19 vaccine doesn't mean you won't still possibly contract it.  The idea is if you do get it after being vaccinated, the symptoms will be lessened.

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Last week, both of my parents and at least one younger sibling tested positive for COVID-19.  Both parents are vaccinated and have been for quite some time and mother works in a hospital, so who knows where they got it from.  No matter where it was contracted, it hit them hard.

Fevers, chills, weakness, and exhaustion were some of the symptoms experienced.  Actually they are still experiencing that a week into the positive test result.

This is just a reminder that COVID-19 is a real thing.  Even if I personally believe that death numbers were and are inflated, it's not necessarily a joke if someone does get sick from it.  Back when I had it, I was incredibly tired and had a minor sore throat and cough, nothing crazy.  My folks this time have basically been lying on the couch doing nothing because of the lack of energy.

Maybe this is the Delta variant and maybe not, but two well set doses of one of the vaccines and they are still hurting units from catching it.  I'm not a doctor or a healthcare professional, so I'm not offering medical advice, and you should certainly do what is right for you and your family.  I will share with you the latest from the Minnesota Department of Health, you can read that and stay updated HERE.

What Do I Do If I Lose My COVID-19 Vaccination Card?

When you get your COVID-19 vaccine, you're handed a card that details the date, manufacturer variety, and location of your dose. If you're getting one of the two-dose vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna), you'll need that card to coordinate your second and final dose. But even with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and even after getting the second shot, you'll need to keep that card in a safe place.

While nationwide vaccine mandates aren't a thing at the present time, there are a variety of times you might need that card even after completing the vaccine process. Many schools (primary, secondary, and higher education) are requiring the COVID-19 vaccine similar to other vaccinations. Additionally, some entertainment venues and mass transportation are requiring either proof of a negative COVID test or the vaccine card.

So what happens if you lose it? Relax. There are ways of obtaining a replacement - and they differ slightly whether you've lost it before getting both doses or after.

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