I've run several Grandma's Half Marathon and I've seen them around me, they're known as "the pacer".  To be exact they are a Clif Bar Pacer, they are free to follow and to many they are somewhat of a phenomenon.  Here's why I am in awe of them.

They have to keep the same pace the whole marathon.  That's amazing, I run differently on any given day.  Weather, body, mind it all affects your run.  They have to be on time, every time, carry a balloon on a stick while they're running and encourage those around them to stay on pace.  Seriously, I run with as little clothing as possible and can't carry anything, I need to focus to stay on task.  I can't imagine being a pacer and I commend them for the encouragement and dedication to other runners in reaching their goal.  Ken and I got to talk to Star Blackford, coordinator of the Clif Pace Team and she answered a lot of questions about what the pacers do and why.  It's free for you to run using a Clif Bar Pacer, in our interview we'll tell you where to find them at the start.  Good luck in Grandma's Marathon 2017!


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