The Fitger's 5K is done and people are turning their sights on training for the William A. Irvin 5k and Grandma's Half and Full Marathons.  I can help you in two aspects.  Turn you on to professional help training for your race and what NOT to do as you cross the finish line!

If you are planning on running one of the three races, congratulations on making a commitment and you are commended on your dedication.  If you're like me, I was lost on what training meant, sure you need to run but for training purposes, how far and how fast to get me in shape for the big day?  The staff at Grandma's Marathon are on it!  You can sign up for runcoach, you'll get questions answered and feel more confident!

As far as what NOT to do, celebrate crossing the finish line too early as this young man learned the hard way.  Personally, I just hope to actually cross the finish line this June 20th!


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