One thing I don't do often enough as I pretend to be an adult is check my credit report.  There are benefits to checking it often, one of the most important is by reviewing your report you have a better chance of catching signs of identity theft early.  Your credit can affect your mortgage rates, rental requests like for apartments, credit card approvals, and even job applications.

There are plenty of sites out there that offer the ability for you to take a look at your credit score.  One of those is AnnualCreditReport.Com.  I'm not saying this is the one to use, it's just one avenue that provides the option to check your credit report.  Federal Law allows you to check your credit report for free every twelve months.  Due to the COVID, and concerns of identity theft, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are offering free weekly checks.

In my opinion, it should be free all of the time anyway.  We're bound to a credit system that I think is flawed for a number of reasons.  This isn't about that though.  Being a recent victim of fraud, I wanted to share the weekly checking option that is going on through at least April of 2021.  Maybe by keeping up on checking your credit report, you'll be able to avoid being the victim of some scammer.

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