Rarely do taxpaying citizens receive good news about their utility rates.  It's usually some form of increase for whatever reasons the city claims that make it necessary.  For an upcoming rate hike on stormwater, the Duluth Public Utilities Commission is holding a public meeting regarding increases.

The purpose of the meeting is to explain the current state of Duluth's stormwater utility, and explain the proposed changes to rates.  I'll give them points for at least opening it up for comments from the public, though they are probably just going to do what they want anyway.  Of course the goal is to improve our current system, and I know that isn't free.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this will like many meetings these days be a virtual one.  So you can at least sit at home in your underwear with or without a mask and hear the bad news. Or maybe you have some ideas that might make them reconsider their current options or how they choose to approach the situation.  The virtual meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 21st.  It starts at 5:15PM and you can link up to it and other City of Duluth live meetings HERE.

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