Plans are in the works for the city of Duluth to replace a water main that is in Crosley Avenue, 47th Avenue East, and Avondale Street.  The work will be happening between late May and early August of 2019 and a public meeting is scheduled to provide information about the project and answer any questions the general public may have.  

In the meeting, there will be a presentation describing the plan including the construction agenda, the project's timeline, and goals that the city has moving forward with the water main.  Multiple breaks per year is why the line is being replaced and temporary water will be supplied to homes affected during the project.  The costs for the project are covered by the City's water utility fund.

The meeting is Wednesday, May 29th, from 6:00PM-7:00PM at the Portman Community Center located at 4601 McCullouch Street in Duluth and you can get more information by calling 218-525-0838.


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