You hear the phrase "You had one job!" jokingly used in a lot of situations, but I don't know if there's ever been a better use of it than in describing a recent repainting job that took place on a popular Minnesota walking and biking path.

This hilarious paint job took place at Victory Memorial Park in Minneapolis and it's really hard to believe that whoever completed this job was able to take a look back and think it was truly a job well done.

The following photos were captured and posted on Twitter by Nate Pentz, who is a realtor in the Twin Cities area.

Nate Pentz Twitter

Perhaps the Park Board needs to have a rule that whoever paints the lines on hiking and biking paths is not allowed to text while doing so?

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Nate Pentz Twitter

One can only hope that you were never pulled over riding your bike on this trail by law enforcement and were then asked to walk a straight line.

Nate Pentz Twitter

Needless to say, the reactions to this tweet have been great, including the couple of examples below.

I can personally relate very well to this next one.

Enjoy this wacky paint job while you can, however, as it appears that it won't be around long. Minneapolis park officials have reportedly discovered this and are having the painting job corrected. Apparently, they hired a contractor who ultimately failed to meet their expectations.

I love the line "The striping does not meet MPRB standard/specs." Thank you, Captain Obvious!

The pressure is really on the next contractor hired to fix this. You have one job.

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