Continuing on with their music series for this year, Glensheen is having another unplugged show.  The idea behind this season's music is to have an artist share their interpretation of folk music in a unique way.  I had the opportunity to attend one of these a few weeks back and though admittedly not the biggest folk music fan, I do like live music and had a good time.

It is in a rather small and intimate room, so it's highly suggested that you arrive early so you can get a seat, it fills up every time from what I hear.  It's totally free and open to the public and it's also an all-ages event.  Should you want a beverage or two, there is a cash bar and while the selection of beer choices is small, they are all good ones.  Wine is also available for purchase.

It's happening on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at Glensheen in Duluth located at 3300 London Road and the doors open at 7PM with Gavin starting his performance at 7:30.

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