If you're in the market for a pumpkin as many people are this time of the year, there is an option to get a free one.

Every year you can score a free pumpkin from the Sathers JS Realty Team.  Things are a little different than in past years though with social distancing in place.  On Wednesday, October 14th, or Thursday October 15th,  you can stop by their office to say hello and pick up a pumpkin.  The hours each evening will be from 4:00PM-7:00PM and it's outdoors.  You'll be picking up your pumpkin in their detached garage on the property.  Their office is located at 5112 Midway Road in Duluth and if you have any questions you can call them at: 218-719-9784.

It's nice to see area businesses doing things like this especially in a year where some people might have a tighter budget than usual.  Yeah, pumpkins aren't that expensive, but every little bit can help.  It's also a local and family owned agency doing the giveaway, so make sure if you stop to get one you give them an extra big thank you for putting on the event.

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